Technology, Teaching and the Process of Change

This post is to presentation to the K12 Online 07 conference introducing teachers to the web 2.0 phenomenon. With new tools and new ways to engage with one another being introduced everyday, the web 2.0 experience can be both exciting and frustrating. This blog looks at some of the basics people need to understand and progress in the web 2.0 environment as well as where this process is going.

Step by Step: Building a Web 2.0 Classroom – Part 1

This section is highlighted by the video that looks at how we can create a web 2.0 experience. We first need to understand some key assumptions about our users and their abilities. Then we can outline 10 basic skills and concepts that are the stepping stones for helping people create a 2.0 classroom experience.

Step by Step: Building a Web 2.0 Classroom – Part 2

This second section is hightlighted by the video that shows how to apply the basic 10 skills and concepts. We build a basic web 2.o experience and look at how to take things further with predictions for the future of web 2.o.

Be the Box…. Understanding the Online Medium

This section takes a more focused look a the nature of the online medium and the implications this has for how we present our content and ourselves on the web. It concludes with some examples of how I’ve approached this online context.